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Welcome to Rovaniemi!

Address of the show ground: Mäntyvaaran ravirata (Mäntyvaarantie 161, 96100 Rovaniemi). Judging will start at 10.00 on Saturday and at 9.00 on Sunday. Parking fee 3€, entrance for extra persons 5€, children under 15 years free of charge.

Saturday 11th June, FCI groups 2, 3, 5, 6, 7
Sunday 12th June FCI groups 1, 4, 8, 9, 10

- Online entry (Showlink)

Entry dates and fees:

Entry fees until 19.4.:
40 €
2nd etc. dog of the same owner 35 €
Puppies and veterans 35 €
Junior Handler 10 €
Entry fees 20.4.-9.5.:
45 €
2nd etc. dog of the same owner 45 €
Puppies and veterans 45
Junior Handler 10 €
Entry fees 10.5.-16.5. ONLY via online-entry:
60 € / all dogs

Inquiries regarding entries :
- Showlink 
tel. +358 9 887 30 320 (working days 11-17, local time)
- E-mail:
Other inquiries (på svenska/in english):
- E-mail:

Show Regulations can be found on the Finnish Kennel Club’s website:

The dog must be vaccinated in accordance with the Vaccination Regulations of the Finnish Kennel Club:

- The dog must be vaccinated against canine distemper, canine parvovirus, and infectious canine hepatitis at least twice. 
On theday of the event, at least 21 days must have passed since the administration of the booster vaccination. A booster vaccination administered to a dog less than one year old is valid for one year.

Booster vaccinations administered to a dog that is at least one year old are valid in accordance with the summary of product characteristics for the vaccine in question.

- On the day of the event, at least 21 days must have passed since the administration of the dog’s first vaccination against rabies. A vaccination administered to a dog less than one year old is valid for one year. Vacciations administered to a dog that is at least one year old are valid in accordance with the summary of product characteristics for the vaccine in question.

- If a dog’s vaccination has expired, the vaccination must in all cases be renewed at least 21 days before the event (three-week withdrawal period). A dog may attend an event the day after the withdrawal period has ended, i.e. on the 22nd day after the administration of the vaccination.

Cropped and docked dogs are not permitted to compete in shows.
Exhibitors are responsible for covering any damages the dogs they own/handle may cause at the show.
The dog’s well-being always takes top priority at all shows.


Dusan Paunovic, Serbia65 
Great Dane, fawn and brindle710.00
Great Dane, black and harlequin2 
Great Dane, blue3 
Black Russian Terrier3 
Giant Schnauzer, black2 
Schnauzer, black2 
Schnauzer, pepper & salt1 
Miniature Schnauzer, pepper and salt1111.15
Miniature Schnauzer, black and silver18 
Miniature Schnauzer, black5 
Miniature Schnauzer, white5 
Danish-Swedish Farmdog3 
RING 2  
Jussi Liimatainen89 
Zwergspitz (Pomeranian)1010.00
West Highland White Terrier811.00
Dandie Dinmont Terrier8 
Short-haired German Pointer1712.00
Wire-haired German Pointer13 
Large Münsterländer1 
Small Münsterländer2 
Bracco Italiano2 
Braque du Bourbonnais3 
Weimaraner Short-haired4 
English Pointer4 
RING 3  
Marjo Nygård27 
Trainee Judge: Al-Bachy Anita, all breeds  
Border Terrier1210.00
Irish Glen Of Imaal Terrier3 
Bedlington Terrier1 
Irish Terrier1 
Welsh Terrier3 
Fox Terrier, Wire-haired4 
Fox Terrier, Smooth-haired3 
RING 4  
Svante Frisk, Sweden63 
* West-Siberian Laika310.00
* Cirneco dell'Etna1 
Finnish Lapponian Dog33 
- dogs12 
- bitches 21 
Lapponian Herder2312.15
* Norfolk Terrier1 
* Norwich Terrier1 
* Skye Terrier1 
RING 5  
William Blount, Ireland89 
Greenland Dog14 
Alaskan Malamute3011.45
- dogs12 
- bitches 1812.30
Siberian Husky6 
Chow Chow5 
Japanese Spitz8 
RING 6  
Collette Muldoon, Ireland88 
Central Asian Ovtcharka111.15
Dogue de Bordeaux1 
Italian Cane Corso4 
Dogo Canario1 
Pharaoh Hound1 
spitzien mittaus 12:10
Wolfsspitz (Keeshond)1512:15
Kleinspitz (Miniature Spitz), black and brown5 
Kleinspitz (Miniature Spitz), other colours6 
Kleinspitz (Miniature Spitz), klein, white3 
Mittelspitz (Medium size Spitz), black and brown9 
Mittelspitz (Medium size Spitz), other colors11 
Mittelspitz (Medium size Spitz), white3 
RING 7  
John Muldoon, Ireland87 
Parson Russell Terrier2010.00
Jack Russell Terrier1811.00
German Hunting Terrier112.15
Bull Terrier6 
Miniature Bull Terrier3 
Irish Red Setter16 
Gordon Setter5 
English Setter1 
* Saint Bernard Dog, Long-haired10 
* Saint Bernard Dog, Short-haired6 
RING 8  
Katja Korhonen81 
East-Siberian Laika1210.00
Swedish Elkhound19 
Norwegian Elkhound, grey1211.45
Finnish Spitz18 
RING 9  
Jarmo Hilpinen48 
Entlebuch Cattle Dog1 
Pyrenean Mountain Dog3 
Tibetan Mastiff3 
Bernese Mountain Dog2511.15
Junior handler 13.00
- younger2 
- older5 
RING 10  
Kimmo Mustonen65 
* Karelian Bear Dog1010.30
Australian Silky Terrier7 
Staffordshire Bull Terrier1211.30
American Staffordshire Terrier7 
Brazilian Terrier2 
English Toy Terrier9 
Cairn Terrier5 
Lakeland Terrier1 
Kerry Blue Terrier1 
Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier5 
Australian Terrier6 
RING 11  
Kurt Nilsson, Sweden43 
American Akita510.00
Swedish Lapphund4 
Norwegian Elkhound, black1 
Swedish White Elkhound4 
Iceland Sheepdog6 
Peruvian Hairless Dog Medium-sized1 
Swedish Vallhund211.15
Schiller Hound1 
Gonczy Polski2 
American Fox Hound1 
Coarse-haired Italian Hound1 
Estonian Hound1 
Finnish Hound7 
RING 12  
Nikola Smolic, Kroatia55 
Miniature Pinscher1610.00
Rhodesian Ridgeback611.45
Basset Hound2 
Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen4 
RING 1  
Dusan Paunovic, Serbia54 
Field Spaniel409.00
Lagotto Romagnolo8 
Nederlandse Kooikerhondje5 
American Cocker Spaniel910.15
Cocker Spaniel5 
English Springer Spaniel16 
Welsh Springer Spaniel2 
RING 2  
Jussi Liimatainen57 
Bichon Havanais2109.00
Bichon Frisé5 
Coton de Tuléar810.30
Little Lion Dog5 
Irish Water Spaniel2 
Spanish Waterdog12 
Portuguese Water Dog4 
RING 3  
Marjo Nygård57 
mäyräkoirien mittaus 08.45
Dachshund, Standard Long-haired1209.00
Dachshund, Miniature Long-haired5 
Rabbit Dachshund, Long-haired1 
Dachshund, Standard Wire-haired8 
Dachshund, Miniature Wire-haired110.30
Dachshund, Standard Smooth-haired4 
Dachshund, Miniature Smooth-haired7 
Rabbit Dachshund, Smooth-haired2 
RING 4  
Svante Frisk, Sweden66 
Border Collie1209.00
Chodsky Pes4 
East-European Shepherd2 
Saarloos Wolfdog1 
Miniature American Shepherd3 
Australian Cattle Dog4 
Australian Kelpie110.30
Ceskoslovensky Vlciak2 
Belgian Shepherd Dog, Groenendael5 
Belgian Shepherd Dog, Malinois5 
Belgian Shepherd Dog, Tervueren5 
Dutch Shepherd Dog, Short-haired3 
Dutch Shepherd Dog, Long-haired1 
Bouvier des Flandres1 
Berger Picard2 
Tatra Shepherd Dog1 
Lancashire Heeler2 
RING 5  
William Blount, Ireland78 
Chihuahua Long-haired1409.00
Chihuahua Smooth-haired14 
Collie Rough3410.45
- puppies2 
- dogs16 
- bitches 16 
Collie Smooth16 
RING 6  
Collette Muldoon, Ireland98 
Puli, other colors3 
Shetland Sheepdog68 
- puppies2 
- dogs25 
- bitches 4110:15
Welsh Corgi Pembroke2012:45
Bearded Collie4 
Old English Sheepdog1 
RING 7  
John Muldoon, Ireland91 
Irish Wolfhound1308.30
Afghan Hound810.10
Chinese Crested Dog1011.15
Russkaja Tsvetnaja Bolonka4 
Russian Toy Short-haired2 
Russian Toy Long-haired4 
* Welsh Corgi Cardigan12 
RING 8  
Jennamari Asikainen11 
Junior handler  
- District championship511:30
Junior handler  
- younger4 
- older8 
RING 9  
Jarmo Hilpinen58 
measurement of poodles 8:45
Toy Poodle309.00
Miniature Poodle, grey, apricot and red10 
Miniature Poodle, black, brown and white9 
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel1310.15
Shih Tzu7 
Tibetan Spaniel16 
RING 10  
Kimmo Mustonen83 
Tibetan Terrier709.00
Medium Size Poodle, black, brown and white16 
Medium Size Poodle, grey, apricot and red410.15
Standard Poodle, black, brown and white9 
Standard Poodle, grey, apricot and red5 
Lhasa Apso411.30
Japanese Chin1 
Hungarian Greyhound2 
Spanish Greyhound2 
Italian Greyhound6 
RING 11  
Kurt Nilsson, Sweden79 
Flat Coated Retriever2409.00
Golden Retriever3210.20
- dogs10 
- bitches 22 
Labrador Retriever1312.20
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever5 
Chesapeake Bay Retriever1 
Curly Coated Retriever4 
RING 12  
Nikola Smolic, Kroatia56 
German Shepherd Dog709.00
German Shepherd Dog, long and harsh outer coat5 
Whi te Swiss Shepherd Dog11 
Australian Shepherd1510.15
French Bulldog13 
Boston Terrier2 

Group competitions, SATURDAY starting around 15.00
Junior Handler Jarmo Hilpinen
2 Kimmo Mustonen
3 Kurt Nilsson
5 John Muldoon
6 Dusan Paunovic
7 Svante Frisk
Best veteran Nikola Smolic
Best breeder Collette Muldoon

Group competitions, SUNDAY starting around 15.00
Junior Handler Jennamari Asikainen
1 Dusan Paunovic
4 William Blount
8 William Blount
9 Collette Muldoon
10 Jussi Liimatainen
Best veteran Nikola Smolic
Best breeder John Muldoon
Best in Show Nikola Smolic